About Us

Veed is a new global membership network, representing the future of Cannabis (THC and CBD) consumption and related health supplements.

Veed curates and connects top brands around the world, including exclusive producers, retailers, dispensaries, and clubs, with individuals (buyers, influencers, clubs), creating an efficient market where the profits of the economy are appropriately shared among the participants.

Veed is powered by Shoptype, a cloud-based AI that uses fintech and digital media to create globally distributed Market Networks. These underlying networks are self-aware, automatically attributing value based on the actual activity of the participants, including influencers, customers, and anyone on the Internet wanting to help drive sales on behalf of the network.

The Veed market network enables brands to provide a unique form of online Business-to-Business and Direct-to-Consumer commerce, even though it seems impossible in regulated categories. Shoptype, the underlying technology fabric, is a pure-software solution that enables each node in the network (such as a regional market, a seller, or a maker) to satisfy its legal requirements based on the jurisdiction it operates in. Thus, Veed helps in regulatory and tax compliance, while driving incremental sales across all participating locations.

All nodes in the Veed network create value for themselves. Members get the best cannabis products, services, and related experiences around the world, as well as access to experts, while influencers and customers get paid for their contribution across referral chains. The retailers and other service providers keep fulfilling orders as they come in.

Brands get direct recognition from their customers, affiliates, retailers, and anyone else on the Internet that wants to participate in their market network. Brands that spend marketing dollars on traditional advertising and on online ads via Facebook, Google, etc. can adopt this entirely new model of driving business.

As a “true social commerce infrastructure”, Veed is a no-risk channel for brands.