Athletes are turning to CBD for injury recovery
Many athletes use CBD to treat injuries, reporting that it has anti-inflammatory properties.Photo by blyjak/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Athletes are turning to CBD for injury recovery

Evidence suggests its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects contribute to better athletic output By Gail Johnson - June 9, 2020

Having played 15 seasons in the NHL, Mike Cammalleri describes his time in professional sports as a dream come true. It was also a gruelling career, with lots of 3 a.m. flights, an intense training regimen, and injuries.

In an interview with CannCentral, Cammalleri (who played in Edmonton, Montreal, and Calgary, among other cities) says he first tried medicinal cannabis after injuring his T-spine (upper back) with the Oilers in 2018. He had never been a recreational cannabis user, and was wowed by the positive effects of CBD.


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