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What’s the big deal?

Veed creates the network effect and enables commerce to generate
revenue at exponential scale

Can you imagine the impact when we start with 10,000 CoSellers?

Our partners are already generating sales
and have a strong customer base

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in the next Amazon

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The many ways Veed is bringing innovations to marketplaces

A platform like no other

Veed market network connects brands, producers, retailers and distributors and consumers and partners to conduct commerce.
Veed allows anyone in our network to become CoSellers. Effectively, we turn our partners customers to become our salesforce.
With built-in social mechanisms, customers can create content, recommend products, and easily share across all their social channels creating a network effect of sales referrals.
We make money when anyone in our platform is makes a referral and throughout every touchpoint in the customer journey, from the first introduction, that leads to the final purchase action.